Well that didn’t go as expected, I said on June 14th. “That” was a meeting I had with my manager at Sym. He scheduled the meeting to tell me they were letting me go, and my last day would be that Friday, the 18th.

Unfortunately, it turned out the timing was not right for the position I was hired for, and they would not be ready to support me in that for months, at least. That is really all it amounted to - sometimes things don’t work out, especially in tech startups. Sym has a great product, and a team of great people, and I wish them all the best of luck.

Fortunately, I have truly awesome #ChefFriends and a diverse network of awesome professional connections. Many of you reached out and offered to help, many of you offered advice and encouragement, and I appreciate you all. After three solid weeks of interviewing with a dozen different companies, I accepted an offer.

I am thrilled to announce that on Monday, July 26th, I am joining the team at Allma.io as the Head of Advocacy and Community. The product fills a need that is near and dear to my heart - incident collaboration. As an operations leader of teams and organizations in incident response, I have wished for the kind of product that Allma has built, and there is so much more potential for collaborative workflows in the future. I look forward to helping grow those capabilities and make it a truly delightful platform for every organization.