I created a plugin for knife that will display a specified option from Chef’s configuration object, Chef::Config. It operates with the scope of the automatically detected knife configuration file, or by passing the -c option with a configuration file.


It’s a gem.

% gem install knife-config

You can get the source on GitHub.


Without any options:

% knife config
WARNING: No knife configuration file found

If an config option were specified, its default value would be printed.

With a single option, chef_server_url, but no configuration file available:

% knife config chef_server_url
WARNING: No knife configuration file found
chef_server_url:  http://localhost:4000

In a “Chef Repository” with a .chef/knife.rb:

% cd chef-repo
% knife config chef_server_url
chef_server_url:  https://api.opscode.com/organizations/MY_ORG

With a few more options:

% cd chef-repo
% knife config chef_server_url node_name validation_client_name
chef_server_url:  https://api.opscode.com/organizations/MY_ORG
node_name:        jtimberman
validation_client_name:  housepub-validator

With a different config file (/etc/chef/client.rb on the same system):

% knife config node_name -c /etc/chef/client.rb
node_name:  imac.int.example.com

With --all, to show all the options:

% knife config --all
amqp_consumer_id:               default
amqp_pass:                      testing
amqp_port:                      5672
amqp_user:                      chef
amqp_vhost:                     /chef
  path:  /Users/jtimberman/.chef/checksums
cache_type:                     BasicFile
checksum_path:                  /var/chef/checksums
chef_server_url:                https://api.opscode.com/organizations/housepub
client_key:                     /Users/jtimberman/.chef/jtimberman.pem
client_registration_retries:    5
client_url:                     http://localhost:4042
[output truncated, trust me, it shows them all :)]

Show the “knife” configuration, which includes things like cloud provider authentication. This doesn’t currently support showing sub-keys (like knife[aws_access_key_id]).

% knife config knife
  aws_access_key_id:      ZOMGAWS_KEY
  aws_secret_access_key:  ZOMGAWS_SECRET


If you’d like to contribute, that’s awesome! Please create a fork, branch, and a pull request. Reporting issues is helpful too.